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Whether you are planning a new landscape project, renovating a landscape or updating a dated or tired landscape design, don’t forget outdoor lighting and landscape lighting! Your home, garden, and yard will come to life with professionally designed landscape lighting that adds value and interest to whatever landscape project you are undertaking. While your outdoor environment and professional landscaping job may look outstanding in the daytime, it disappears with the light of the sun.


Landscape lighting enhances your décor, spotlights unique landscape features, and increases the security and safety of your property.


Properly designed and installed illumination can add curb appeal in unique ways!

  • Outdoor lighting to include all lighting options in the landscape of your property

  • Landscape lighting to illuminate a space or highlight special features fully

  • Pathway lighting to keep walkways, driveways, and stairs safe and enhance beauty

  • Pool, hot tub, and water feature lighting to transform water and create a unique environment

  • Patio lighting to make entertaining inviting and safe for guests

  • Tree and house lighting to create beauty and interesting shadows

Experts in landscape design and building, Urban Paradise offers outstanding experience and knowledge in outdoor light and landscape lighting options. Our team has created and illuminated many homes throughout the Aurora, Ontario and Surrounding areas giving residences a “wow” factor that can’t be beat!

Outdoor landscape lighting will make an impact you may not have expected!

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