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Everyone wants to increase their curb appeal and have an aesthetically pleasing property. You can achieve the look you want without the stress and labor-intensive work of planning and executing on your own. You’ll have the opportunity to work with experienced paver installers who are licensed, insured, and who can provide you with realistic pricing that captures your vision. With simple and consistent communication during your project, you’ll remain at the helm and can achieve exactly what you’re looking for.


Hardscaping as Part of Your Landscaping Design

Rolling lawns, lush plants, flowers and trees are what most people consider when thinking of a landscaping project. But hardscaping is what really enhances your custom outdoor environment.

We use bricks, stone, concrete, rocks, and wood to add structure to your outdoor space. Well-designed landscaping projects incorporate both softscaping and hardscaping to add function and personality to your home. The balance of these elements is key to success!

Hardscaping incorporates many natural materials and colors, which add balance to your garden, depth to your yard and functionality to your outdoor living areas.

The Urban Paradise landscaping team are experts in the design and construction of hardscaping to balance the natural aspects of the garden.


Personalized Hardscaping Services in Aurora, Ontario

Urban Paradise uses a thorough design process to capture your vision on how your new outdoor living environment will be used and enjoyed. With an extensive client list, serving the Toronto areas for years, Urban Paradise is experienced in the many options available to help you bring your landscape to life!

As you start on the journey of landscaping for your home, your hardscaping options are virtually limitless!


We offer the design expertise and construction knowledge to incorporate a wide range of hardscaping options:

  • Pavers, patios, stairs, and walkways

  • Retaining walls and raised garden beds

  • Driveways, entrance ways, and front entrance elements

  • Outdoor kitchens, seating, and dining areas

  • Entertaining areas and party spaces

  • Pools, ponds, and water features

  • Fire pits, fireplaces, and fire features

  • Rocks gardens and stone accents

  • Irrigation and sprinkler systems

  • Outdoor lighting, landscaping and accent lighting

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