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A professionally-installed and maintained irrigation system will provide the optimal amount of moisture to your lawn, trees and outdoor plants, to keep them healthy and well-hydrated.

Your sprinkler system and landscaping increases curb appeal with the overall look and feel of your house, but in Ontario, things can get a little more hectic at wintertime. Our team of sprinkler and landscaping professionals know how to keep your yard looking great through the swing in seasons. At Urban Paradise we handle all types of lawn and landscape irrigation systems. Whether you need a new drip irrigation system designed and installed, or an overhaul of an existing system, contact us first to find out how easy it can be to bring fresh water where it’s needed in your landscape.


Sprinkler system custom design and install

Whether yours is a commercial or residential property, our professional team will custom-design and install a system for you to meet your specific needs and desires. We install the best and latest products from leading manufacturers like Rain Bird, Hunter.

The installation process starts with an on-site visit and walk-through of your property with you. When we’re finished collecting information, we’ll present you with an estimate and our recommendations.


Once you give us the go-ahead to do the work, we will schedule the installation. After your new sprinkler system is in, we’ll give you a quick run-down on how the equipment works and show you how to re-set the watering schedules if you ever need to make changes. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them. We won’t leave until you’re 100 percent confident with your new setup and how to use it. 

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